Here we go!

With a new year now well under way I thought it appropriate to continue to expand the ‘walk the talk’ experiment that is Mez Group. With articles and discussions about the new media landscape proliferating I thought that I would use this blog to highlight some of the random things that are floating to the top for me. in the spirit of Mez Group’s occassional “Catalyst” pieces I offer these as starters for discussion and debate rather than answers. On most days I will attempt to pick a single item/issue of note but based on my typical mode of operation multiples are likely to occur.

So what can you expect to find here? Something of interest to me related to media, brands or the experience economy. With some discipline I hope to keep this fresh several times a week. But who knows a lot of stuff has built up. Blogging itself has become such a phenomenon that it threatens to alter the way we think about the art of writing. Many bloggers, with faces perfect for radio, have chosen to find thier outlet in written form rather than as the much touted television pundit. And with no need for a PR agent or big media boss it offers many sharp minds a chance to see their voice, unaldulterated by timed segment restrictions or dim witted producers, broadcast to a like minded audience. Last Sunday’s NYT highlighted how competitive and vibrant the ‘blogosphere” is. To be clear, I am not one of those sharp minds. I am simply a guy with a curiosity for today’s business environment and a computer.


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