Triangulating an opportunity

So many people are talking about media these days that it is hard to know what their point of view is. When headlines cry “The End Is Near” are they talking about mass marketing as we currently know it or quiet time as we know it? When the trumpet “Mobile Platforms Deliver Value” are they talking about marketers finding consumers on the go or actually helping consumers get what they want when they want it? I think that the triangle of interest for me in 2007 will be marketers, consumers, and content.

As consumers use media to protect and select the message they let in how will the content (the bait that lures consumers) become more valuable. As Marketers find the need to use content to get into a consumer’s experience network will they big looking for content that provides breadth (lots of consumers) or depth (connected to consumers deeply). As content starts to better understand its value how will it walk the fine line between allowing marketers to ride along and keeping their prime position in a consumer’s network.

Stephen MR Covey’s recently released book Speed of Trust may have touched on the theme of the year. Marketers trusting in depth over breadth to deliver result for their brands. Consumers trusting content providers to continue to be authentic and worthy of being in their network. And content providers trusting themselves to walk the line between monetizing their audience in order to deepen the experience they deliver and selling out.

Trust me it is going to be a very interesting year.


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