I got Joost this weekend!

After a prolonged delay, on Friday I received my beta log-in to Joost (http://www.joost.com/). Joost is, of course, the newest web video creation from the guys who brought you Kazaa and Skype. There are times when the buzz creates an expectation that the product/service can never live up to. While these are certainly still early days for Joost I must say that I am impressed. While the technology eludes me the interface and the experience (2 things that I consider myself rather facile with) are amazing. While small screen viewing may be the norm for the generations raised on Gameboys and mobile phones I still prefer the TV screen. Joost solves two of the big barriers to online video; quality and sociability. Trying gathering around a friend’s computer to watch the YouTube video they love and you know the social limitations of online video. Contrast that to Superbowl Sunday where in many cases the game alternates between the focal point for a room full of people and an excuse to drink like it was Friday night on a Sunday. The ability to deliver the social experience of broadcast TV through internet will quickly make the need for cross-over, internet star to TV darling, obsolete.


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