Saints Win and So Can You

4 Things We All Need to Remember About The SuperBowl
I know that using sports as a metaphor is cliche but after watching the Super bowl last night I just had to.
1. You can come back from even the most catastrophic of events.
After Katrina the questions about the future of New Orleans were everywhere. While water can wash away homes it cannot take someone’s spirit and soul. The people of New Orleans are rich with both and it was on this foundation that rebuilding began.
2. It takes a village.
The whole city not just the guys in Saints uniforms made yesterday’s win a reality. Surround yourself with like minded people and you can accomplish anything.
3. You have to take some risks.
The failed 4th down from the 1-yard line could have convinced the Saints to play it safe, but the onside kick to start the second half was the turning point in the game. You will not always succeed when you take a chance but you have to keep on trying. Without risk there is no big win.
4. You have to believe.
After losing “easy” games during the season it would have been understandable to have doubt creep in. After going down by 10 points in the Super Bowl against the legendary Peyton Manning there could have been questions in some minds. There wasn’t. Your unwavering belief in your ability to get something done, even in the face of common sense, is essential to achieving great things.
This country, the city of New Orleans and all of us needed the Saints to win last night. It is a great reminder of what individually and collectively we have the capacity to do.
Thank you city of New Orleans. Thank you Saints. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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