The 30-Second Corporate Reorganization

I attended a social media conference last week where Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation was speaking. He presentation was powerful, clear, sharp and entertaining. As he spoke about how social media is changing the landscape for businesses I realized that today’s companies are not set up to deal with the new way of doing business. The buckets that organizations have set up (sales, marketing, product development, etc.) are functions that have changed dramatically in the last decade. One of the reasons that so much of the value-adding innovation that has been produced in the recent past has come from small companies is that these silos as much less defined and sometimes non-existent. There was a time when you were either a “sales guy” or you weren’t. In today’s environment, everybody (even your customers) need to be “sales guys”. Mitch made the point that, when asked, most business people would recreate their business totally differently if given a clean slate. Yet, without this clean slate they continue to do things the same old way. Companies need to enable every employee to think like the CEO, “What does my organization need to succeed today, and what can i do to make it happen.” When that happens you get the most out of your people. HR remains a under utilized strategic lever for most businesses. They hold the keys to breaking down many of the barriers that will hold companies back from thriving in the new business landscape. Want to quick way to reorganize without paying consultants a boatload of money. Take all your employees to a wide open field. Post signs with your businesses biggest challenges around the field. Tell you folks to go to any post that they are interested in or want to contribute to. That’s your new org chart.

Check out Mitch’s Blog –

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