I Want To Be The Rick Rubin of Business Strategy

Super producer Rick Rubin has got “the ear” and has no interest in pre-defined barriers between music. Plus he looks cool. Business strategy at all levels has been seen as the bastion of the suit wearing McKinsey types and while Silicon Valley, a decade ago, showed that biz brains don’t always wear ties, today’s entrepreneur or aggressive CEO isn’t interested in buzz words or the pre-defined barriers between different capability areas in an organization. They just want help making their business rock. Growing a business is fun and when you are having fun you are winning…no matter what.

I have spent the last decade reading business plans, meeting with CEOs, talking to investors and actively growing businesses. I love this stuff and the people who are doing it. The economic downturn has lowered the bar for many who have dreams and aspirations of starting a company. It has also raised the bar for many existing companies looking to grow. Today, companies of all sizes must forget much of what they held true regarding business and take a fresh look at everything from how they are organized to how they connect with customers.

The next several years have the potential to be the most exciting we have seen on the business front in a long time.

Why Rubin? Take it from Dan Charnas, a music journalist who worked as vice president of A&R and marketing at Rubin’s American Recordings label in the 1990s (full Washington Post article here ). “He’s fantastic with sound and arrangements, and he’s tremendous with artists. They love him. He shows them how to make it better, and he gets more honest and exciting performances out of people than anyone.”

I am going to start growing my beard now.


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