Be Real, Not Perfect, To Be Trusted

So when I reached for the next book I thought I was going to write about, the tower of book Jenga I had built on the windowsill took a tumble. As I rebuilt it I found great old/new pairing. In 2001 I had the privilege of counting the Franklin Covey organization as my client. While nights in Salt Lake City left me wanting for a good glass of wine, my time working with them was one I will always remember. While successful start-up organizations are by design as passionate about their product as the evangelist customers large companies find it tougher. Franklin Covey was a great example. Their organization system was never my thing (with stacks of books everywhere, organization itself may not be my thing). Yet, I am hard pressed to name a large company that was more “what you see is what you get”. Because of this level of WYSIWYG, I immediately trusted them and our work together was a real joy.

I was not surprised when Stephen M.R. Covey sent me a copy of his book several years later entitled,”The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything . What is amazing about this book is that with today’s extended social networking and internet transparency it is the perfect pairing with a book released much more recently by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust
.Both books examine the critical role of trust in today’s world. Both books give you actionable steps for becoming more trusted. Both books show the timelessness of being genuine and the fact that when there is trust everything moves faster.

Whether you are a team working on your start-up or a company trying to grow your network and therefore your business, trust is essential. The lack of trust, and there is a lot of it right now, creates hesitancy and slows things down. Once people believe that you have a high level of WYSIWIG they stop trying to read between the lines, see your angle, or look behind the curtain. That’s when the real relationship begins. I love these two books for reminding us that we are the sum of our interactions.

When I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress I was going to delete the posts I made two summers ago when I was losing my mind and went home to Chicago to try and find “me” again. They weren’t focused on business growth and they weren’t insightful. They were just me being more than a little lost. But I figured if you ever met me or worked with me you were going to find that part of my past anyway so why bother. My Dad tells a story of driving around a neighborhood looking for a relative’s house when I was young. He cursed about not knowing where he was and being late and, as my Dad tells it, I said, “don’t worry, I’ve been lost here before”. I think maybe that’s why people trust me.


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