Fresh Eyes

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man

When artist Paul Carpenter painted this piece for an art show run by a company I owned in 2008, neither he nor I had any idea what the lean startup process was.  And for the past three years I have stared at this piece. enjoying its design, style, and challenging content. A few weeks ago however, as I reflected on some of the recent activities of my own startup I saw it in a different light.  The painting hasn’t changed.  The lens through which I am viewing it has.

A/B Testing

Data is King

Customer Development

Social Media

The Fun of Being a Startup

Take a Fresh Look

I am an admitted pack rat when it comes to ideas, frameworks and business books.  Many times I come across items which I have no application for at the time.  I simply store them away.  Often when I find myself in need of some new stimulus, I go back to my old files and books and lo and behold there is the spark I am looking for.  It was there before.  I just needed the right eyes to see it.


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