You Are Not (that kind of) Crazy

It has been almost 8 months since I picked up and moved to New Orleans. In that time I have been fortunate enough to be connected with Idea Village and had a chance to see what a more mature startup ecosystem can look like (aspirational images which I am continuously, if a bit irritatingly, feeding back to Start It Up Delaware’s MD). Combined with the co-working space, LaunchPad, the accelerator and some capital and service sources, the building at Magazine and Girod is a self-contained entrepreneurial hub.

As an admitted startup junkie I could not pass up the chance to pitch in. So when they offered me the chance to be a entrepreneur coach for their “Idea Sessions”, I jumped at the chance. The session is a 90-minute meeting with an experienced entrepreneur like me. the sessions are open to all types of businesses, in all stages. In just the first couple of weeks I have seen (among others) a new perfume, an after market truck addition, a comic book artist and online exchange. Very different businesses facing very real and varied challenges but one thing is the same. They all needed to hear that they were not crazy.

Entrepreneurs get called crazy all the time. It is held up as a virtue by many. I have been called crazy a lot over the last couple of decades. Hell I was called crazy this week. But after a while, if you don’t have others that you can talk to, it can make you wonder, “what if I am?” That is why places like Idea Village are so important. We all need a place where there are others who are crazy too. Because if you are a ‘trep, you ARE crazy. Just not that kind of crazy.

Stay calm and ‘trep on.



One response to “You Are Not (that kind of) Crazy

  1. Awesome post. Well I guess I am crazy; just not THAT kind of crazy. LOL!!

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