Making The Most of NOEW

I have been telling myself I need to get back to blogging. The kickoff of NOEW this Friday seems to be a good jumping back in point.  So here are my Top 5 tricks for making your NOEW experience even better (it’s already going to be good).

5. Go To Sessions

This seems pretty straightforward.  However, I am not just talking about the ones you circles on the agenda.  Go to random ones as well.  You never know who will inspire you, what you will learn or even who you will be sitting next to.  There are a lot of great sessions  regardless of your interest.  Take this week to stretch yourself.  “Audit” a few classes and I am sure you will come away with some lagniappe.

4. Introduce Yourself

Networking 101, say hi to the person you are sitting next to.  NOEW is always full of pitch competitions and showcases.  Take a minute and prepare your own personal pitch.  Be able to answer the question, “why did you come?”  Make your goals known and you will be happy to se that people are eager to help you achieve them.  Practice the, “what do you do?” question as well.  Make sure that it is short and makes the questioner say “that’s cool.”  Also no apologies.  No, “I am just a…” or “I am a X but I don’t really like it.”  You are not your job.  You are what you love to do. The goal of entrepreneurship is to make them one in the same.

3. Wear Something Unique

IRL connections are made easier when you can tell someone that you are the person in the bright red dress or the Johnny Cash trucker cap (that’s me).  In a town where everyone has a costume collection don’t worry about going too far.  There is a reason that startups all wear the same logo t-shirt at these types of things.  People can’t help/meet/connect you if they can’t find you.

2. Takes Notes

Not just in sessions.  Take time between sessions and throughout the day to jot down ideas, learnings, people you meet.  There will be not shortage of great ideas and inspiration.  Be ready to catch them.

1. Be Grateful

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely pursuit.  It doesn’t have to be.  NOEW is a great place to find kindred spirits.  Making it happen each year is a lot of work.  Having worked with Idea Village for year now on their accelerator program I have had a inside peek.  So when you see a staffer from Idea Village say thank you.

See you there.

“You Can’t Knock The Hustle”- JayZ


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