Cheers to Barpreneur


It was over 2 years ago when I was asked to judge a pitch competition being held in a bar.  Since all great ideas start out as bar napkin sketches I thought that it was a perfect setting.  You can see my blog post about it here. It was so well received that the restaurant, SoBou, asked me to host a weekly Friday lunch.  We gathered some special guests to tell us about their entrepreneurial journey and we shared a table with liked minded founders, supporters and friends.

And so it has gone for over 24 months.  We skip a week or two to honor special holidays like Thanksgiving and Mardi Gras but for the most part it is now solidly locked in my weekly cadence. Over this time the table has grown, and a core of regulars has emerged as has a wonderful parade of drop-ins.  Speakers have become regulars and regulars have become speakers.  And many have become friends.  It has truly been a honor to share the table with everyone that has come through.

SoBou offers free wifi and 25 cents martinis, not to mention some amazing food.  I have called it the best co-working spot in the city.  But it is the people that make spot. Our Friday lunches have become a place to share your week with others that understand the challenges of starting a business.  War stories, advice and support are always in great supply.

A huge thank you to Ti Martin for encouraging us to do the lunch, Sam Fritz for being my partner in crime every week and the entire staff at SoBou who are the most gracious of hosts every week.  If you are a founder in New Orleans, or even just visiting, you should swing by.  I’ll bring a quarter to buy your first drink. Learn more here.



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