I Am…

…talking about myself in the 3rd person. J. Miguez (Jay) has been working with early stage companies for nearly two decades. First, as head of strategy for Zurich Scudder’s venture capital group where J led the development and implementation of the firm’s eFinancial Services startup investment approach. Currently J works as an advisor to accelerators, investment funds, angel investors, and promising startups. With a track record of building creative business solutions, J. is a sought after catalyst for companies, of all sizes, seeking growth.

…talking about myself.  I have been told I am a quick problem solver, fairly smart, a good DJ, sometimes funny, helpful to companies, a frustrated romantic, a strong synthesizer, an old soul, an effective teacher, a decent cook, sporadically creative, not as healthy as I should be, occasionally insightful, a morning person, often irreverent, polite to old ladies, a good friend, and a person who needs to grow up. I think they are probably right.

…pretty easily found.  AngelList and LinkedIn and Clarity.FM


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