I totally understand the need for these, so I totally stole this one from the Foundry Group guys. In addition, please note that coffee is hot, you should not drink Drano, and that girl across the bar is actually a man. Of course I am not a barista, plumber or Charlie Sheen so please consult an expert before acting on any of the above advice.

Each and every thought on this blog is my own, I’m responsible for what I say, and all errors, idiocy, stupid comments, swear words, and humor are my own personal responsibility. These are my own thoughts, generated by me, representing me. They – and this blog – are in no way affiliated with IMMP, J.W. Rollins & Associates or any other company, non profit or university that I have any involvement in. If I’ve made a mistake, it’s my fault. If I’ve said something that makes you laugh, you are probably laughing at me, not with me and that is sad. Of course, you should not rely on anything in the blog as legal, financial, accounting, investment, tax, or any other kind of regulated advice.

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